ReMeDHe (pronounced “Remedy”) is a working group for Religion, Medicine, Disability, Health, and Healing in Late Antiquity. Scholars of late antique religion have become increasingly interested in topics of illness, injury, disease, disability, health, and healing, while historians of medicine are becoming increasingly aware of the overlap between medical, philosophical, and religious practices and ways of knowing.  In this moment, scholarly trajectories that had formerly been distinct are coming together.  Thus many of us working on healing and health in late antiquity–and particularly on the intersections between and influence of various healing domains–have been building a community to track and coordinate our research projects, to provide feedback on works-in-progress, and to explore potential avenues for collaboration.  Co-Directors of the ReMeDHe working group, Kristi Upson-Saia (Occidental College) and Heidi Marx (formerly Marx-Wolf, University of Manitoba), along with the ReMeDHe Board, are working on creating opportunities for conversation and collaboration.  If you are interested in joining, please join the group’s listserv. and Facebook group.

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